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a Decent Meal - Nature
Masego is a young and extraordinary leopard in the Auob river bed - Kalahari Trans-frontier Park.
There have been numerous posts in the media of this youngster with no fear, no interest in humans, or their vehicles: they do not bother her, she will use anything to her best advantage... when she needs it.
She has been for some time under the wing of her mother Miera, who lately has been pushing her away: she needs to be on her own...She does struggle but keeps trying...hunger is urging her on.
There have been reports of Masego swiping a child through an open car window, recently a photographer friend told me she grabbed his bean bag trough the open window of his Toyota Landcruiser, his Canon 7D with 200-400 falling on the sand outside the car... Masego is a hungry, frustrated young leopard, trying to survive in a harsh environment. I check daily the FB page of Kalahari Sightings for news of her whereabouts...We saw her three times during our February trip to the Kalahari, she took my breath away each and every time. Not yet confident enough to take big prey like Springbok she is hunting easier, smaller prey like African Wild Cat sleeping in the Camel-Thorn trees during daytime - not always easy...
I pledge all my fellow photographers to practise ethical behaviour in the field - please do not stress those magnificent creatures. We encountered a young photographer on our last trip, a man with little or no respect for Nature and its subjects, who annoyed not only Masego but just about every wild creature in his way. Everyone took notice of his behaviour and reported to the authorities. We are there to observe and capture, not to change behaviour with our overzealous actions...
Here Mom captured a Springbok and allowed Masego to tuck in...

All roads lead to Rome!

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