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05th May 2012
It has been a while since we returned from our last summer trip to the Kalahari. It is winter now, and even though we live in Kwazulu Natal, there is a slight dip in the evening temperatures, some sporadic rain, and a couple of mornings when we actually go to work wearing short sleeves. One often experiences four seasons in one day here. Today the sky was cloudless and bright and it reminded us of summer in the Kalahari, of the intense heat, and of course, bare feet in the sand. Any sadness we might feel from time to time, any thoughts we might have that happiness is almost unattainable - "happiness" as in "going back to the Kalahari" - finds some degree of encouragement in a collection of photographs we have accumulated over time, some over-exposed and some not, others ready to be posted on our brand new website.

We could hardly describe the joy and delight we experience when waking up one morning away from home in the Kalahari, a place known for its challenging temperatures and unique landscapes. The so called "golden hour" (a term used to describe the time of the morning or afternoon when the light is "sweet" for photography) is essential to capture images where little work is needed to bring out the beauty of our findings. One early morning while waiting at a water hole, a young male lion walked towards us and stared at us curiously as we waited for him to have a drink. For a few seconds we looked at each other in wonder, and it took months for the psychological effects of this sighting to fade - the thrill, the enjoyment of what we had seen and felt has been there for a long time, and we still derive a great degree of happiness from that memory even today. As we look back on our previous journeys, small travel chapters unravel...Enjoy our photographic accounts and connect them to our stories - we will provide you with more chapters as we go along...

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