Wild, old Eyes...

Wild, old Eyes... - Nature
Another oldie from 2014.
We were observing a lioness with her two cubs playing in the cool evening breeze not far from our campsite, at Polentswa Waterhole. The wind was blowing and a few rain drops splashed in our faces every so often.
Mom and kids were about 60m away, playing in the dry riverbed. Suddenly they were gone, disappearing into the grass and shrubs.
We looked around, wondering who disturbed this tranquil scene- an old male was approaching from the North. He walked past the waterhole, stopping briefly to look at us. Then scanned the area where the female and family was, called and called- but the young family was gone. We suspected he was not the father of the cubs and therefore she fled, fearing for their safety.
As he was lying down on a wind swept mound the storm was approaching and darkness was setting in, I had this feeling he was utterly alone..
He was very old, with the vertebrae showing through his sagging skin, judging from his belly index he had not eaten in a while, hungry.
I could not help to apply human logic to the situation- he needed her to help him hunt so he can eat...
We watched him until it became dark, slowly returning to our campsite in silence, just the sound of the windscreen wipers.
We did see the lioness with the two inquisitive cubs at sunrise the following morning in the rain ( http://www.birdphotographers.net/for...est?highlight= ) but the old man- never again...

Spotted Hyena 1, Kalahari 2016

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